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Onlif Plastic Surgery Consultation Booking

Personal Information Handling Policy

[Onlif Plastic Surgery] Personal Information Handling Policy

The Onlif Plastic Surgery Clinic (referred to as "Headquarters") places great importance on protecting your personal information and complies with the Personal Information Protection Act.
We would like to inform you of the purpose and method of personal information you provide and what measures are being taken to protect it through the personal information processing policy. The order of this privacy policy is as follows.

1. Items of personal information to be collected and method of collection
2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
3. Retention and use period of personal information
4. Personal information destruction procedure and method
5. Provision and sharing of personal information
6. Consignment of handling of collected personal information
7. Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise them
8. Consent withdrawal / membership withdrawal method
9. Matters concerning the installation/operation of automatic personal information collection devices and their refusal
10. Person in charge of personal information management
11. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information
12. Obligation to notify in accordance with policy changes

1. Items of personal information to be collected and method of collection
When signing up for membership, we collect only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to use the service.
[Appointment information]
- Items to be collected: name, resident registration number, address, contact information, medical record
[Information collected when signing via homepage]
- Required: name, ID, password, email, contact information (phone number, mobile phone number)
- Optional: Whether or not to receive e-mails - The following information may be automatically generated and collected in the process of using the service or processing the service provision.
: Service use records, access logs, cookies, access IP information
[Personal information collection method]
- We collect personal information in the following ways.
- Website, written form, fax, phone, consultation board, e-mail

2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
We utilize the collected personal information for the following purposes.
All information provided by the user is not used for any purposes other than the following and prior consent will be sought if the purpose of use is changed.
[Medical information]
- Provision of medical services for diagnosis and treatment, and services such as claims, receipts, and refunds.
[Homepage member information]
- Required information: Medical reservation, reservation inquiry, and membership service provided through the homepage.
- Optional information: Information on the clinic’s news, disease information, etc. through e-mail, survey

3. Retention and use period of personal information
We will get rid of your personal information without delay when the purpose of collection or provision of personal information is achieved.
[Medical Information] - Stored in accordance with the standards for keeping medical records stipulated in the Medical Service Act.
[Homepage Member Information] - Even if you withdraw from the membership, if the purpose of collection or provision is achieved, or if it is necessary to preserve it according to the provisions of laws and regulations such as the Commercial Act, personal information may be stored.
- Records on the handling of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
- Records on the collection/processing and use of credit information: 3 years (Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information)
– Records of identification: 6 months (Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, etc.)
– Records of visits: 3 months (Communications Secret Protection Act)

4. Personal information destruction procedure and method
Headquarters will get rid of personal information immediately after the 『Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information』 is achieved. The removal procedure and method are as follows.
[Deletion Procedure] The information entered by the user for membership registration, etc., is immediately deleted according to the deletion method after the purpose is achieved.
[Deletion method] Personal information stored in an electronic file format is deleted using a technical method that cannot be played back. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by a shredder or incinerated.

5. Providing and sharing personal information
Without consent or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we will not provide your personal information to third parties, other companies, or institutions beyond the scope notified in the Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information.
-Submission of medical records to the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service for claiming medical care benefits under the National Health Insurance Act.
– If necessary for statistical writing and academic research, it is processed and provided in a form in which a specific individual cannot be identified.
- If there is a request from the investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods set forth in the law, submission, etc.

6. Entrustment of handling collected personal information
We do not entrust the collected personal information to third parties or other organizations.

7. Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise them
Membership of children under the age of 14 (hereinafter referred to as "children") is made through a separate form written in a simple expression that is easy for children to understand, and the consent of their legal guardian is required when collecting personal information.
In order to obtain the consent of the legal guardian, we collect minimum information such as the name and contact information of the legal guardian of children, and obtain the consent of the legal guardian according to the method stipulated in the personal information handling policy.
The child's legal guardian may request to view, correction, and deletion of the child's personal information.
If you want to view, correct, or delete a child's personal information, click Modify Member Information and go through the legal guardian confirmation process, and the legal representative directly reads, corrects, deletes the child's personal information, or contacts the person in charge of personal information protection by writing, phone, or fax.
The headquarters does not provide or share information of children to third parties, and if the legal guardian requests correction of errors on personal information collected from children, the use and provision of such information is prohibited until the errors are corrected.
※ Personal information that is obliged to be stored by law cannot be modified or deleted within the storage period even if requested.

8. Withdrawal of consent / membership withdrawal method
You can withdraw your agreement on the collection, use, and provision of personal information at any time when you sign up.
For membership withdrawal, click on "Membership withdrawal" on the homepage of the headquarters, go through the identification process, or contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, phone, or fax, and we will take necessary measures.

9. Matters concerning the installation/operation of automatic personal information collection devices and their refusal
We operate 'cookies' that frequently store and find your information.
A cookie is a very small text file sent to your browser by the server used to run the website and stored on your computer's hard disk.
We use cookies for the following purposes. You have the option to install cookies.
Therefore, you may allow all cookie setting options in your web browser, go through confirmation whenever a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.
If you refuse to install cookies, it may be difficult to provide some services.

10. Person in charge of personal information management
In order to protect your personal information and handle complaints related to personal information, we have the following personal information manager.
[Personal information manager]
・ Name : Lee Jae Woon
・ Position : Director
・ Company : Onlif Plastic Surgery
・ Phone Number : 02-1833-8171
You can report all complaints related to personal information protection that occur while using our services to the person in charge of personal information management.
We will provide a prompt and sufficient response to the reports of users. If you need to report or consult about other personal information infringement, please contact the organizations below.
・ Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (http://www.1336.or.kr / 1336)
・ Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (http://www.eprivacy.or.kr / (02) 580-0533~4)
・ Cybercrime Investigation Team, Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (http://www.spo.go.kr / (02) 3480-3573)
Q ・ National Police of Cyber Terror Response Center (http://www.ctrc.go.kr / (02) 392-0330)

11. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information
As a technical measure for the protection of users' personal information, the headquarter has prepared several security protocols.
All information sent by users are safely stored/managed in a security system protected by a firewall.
In addition, as a managerial measure for the protection of users' personal information, the headquarters prepares procedures necessary for accessing and managing users' personal information, and conducts continuous security training by limiting the number of people handling users' personal information to a minimum. In addition, we designate users of the system that processes personal information, give them user passwords, and update them regularly.

12. Obligation to notify in accordance with policy changes
This privacy policy was enacted on May 31, 2018. If there are additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents due to changes in laws, policies, or security technologies, the reason and contents of the change will be announced on the website of the clinic at least seven days before implementation.

This privacy policy is effective from 2021. 01. 01.
Onlif lifting

Painless, faster, and clearer results

Shurink Universe

Have you ever had
these concerns?

I've been hesitant to undergo
lifting procedures
due to the fear of pain.
I am looking for a procedure
that can provide delicate lifting
even in curved areas.
Is there an effective lifting method
for improving sagging skin and
achieving a V-line?
I would like to get a lift and
have a skin booster treatment
Lifting up even the
SMAS layer

Meticulous, fast, and powerful Universe

The 2nd generation Shurink Lift concentrates energy on the SMAS layer to regenerate collagen and
contract sagging tissues. This enables overall improvement in elasticity.

The next level of lifting effect
Onlif Universe

Powerful and fast HIFU
Ultrasound energy
customized treatment
with 7 different cartridges
Quick return to
daily life
Synergistic effect
with dedicated
skin booster ampoules
Delicate and precise treatment
even for curved areas

Onlif Universe

Addition of Pen-Type Cartridge
With an additional cartridge,
even curved and narrow areas
can be treated even more effectively
2.5x Faster Speed
2.5 times faster scanning speed
with the bidirectional scanning method
Reduced Treatment Pain
Pain reduction during treatment
with delicate ultrasound beams that
minimize sensory stimulation
Universe X Aurora Ampoule
Specially designed ampoule for
Onlif Universe that replaces ultrasound
gel for enhanced treatment effects

Two types of powerful ultrasound modes:
MP and Normal (Dot)
More powerful lifting effect!

With two modes available in the handheld device, it is possible to perform laser treatments
most suitable for the particular condition and area of the skin.
By incorporating a linear shape (MP mode)
into the Normal mode, it is possible to perform a combination laser
treatment with both dot and linear patterns
The Ultra Booster pen-type handheld device
By delivering HIFU energy in a circular pattern,
it is possible to achieve precise lifting in delicate areas.
This includes the area around eyes and curved areas.

With 7 different cartridges
Customized lifting tailored to each individual

UltraF (linear-type) with 2.5 times faster speed
Derma Shurink
1.5mm Cartridge
I Shurink
2.0mm Cartridge
Celup Shurink
3.0mm Cartridge
Linup Shurink
4.5mm Cartridge
Ultra Booster (pen-type)
Derma Booster
1.5mm Cartridge
Celup Booster
2.0mm Cartridge
Linup Booster
3.0mm Cartridge
At Onlif Plastic Surgery, cartridges can be customized according to the individual's skin condition and area.
This enables personalized lift procedures.

Onlif Universe X Aurora Ampoule

If you combine the Universe-exclusive ampoule 'Aurora Ampoule' with the Universe treatment, you will experience an increase in synergy!
Simultaneous improvement of skin elasticity and brightening effect with powerful lift for radiant and rejuvenated skin!
Powerful lifting
* Two types of functional cosmetics that
whiten skin and improve wrinkles
(Low-Irritation Test Completed)
Skin Boosting
See synergistic effects on skin regeneration by adding Aurora ampoule to Universe

Onlif Universe
Exclusive Skin Booster Aurora Ampoule

38 active ingredients for the skin, including glutathione and PDRN
skin tone improvement
wrinkle reduction
amino acid
nutrient supply
whitening effect
seven kinds of hyaluronic acid
ten kinds of peptides
skin elasticity improvement
*An ultra booster ampoule has been developed
as an alternative to the sticky ultrasonic gel that
needs to be wiped off during the procedure.

Onlif Universe
More effective treatment areas

Onlif Universe
Recommended candidates

Those who want to smooth out their curvy
face line around the eyes and front cheekbones
Those who want to complete the
Shurink procedure and skin booster in one go
Those who have increased
fine lines due to natural aging
Those who are bothered
by the loss of overall facial elasticity
Those who want significant results
but short procedure time
Those who desire a quick return to their
daily routine after the procedure

Onlif Laser Lift
Procedure Process

Laser treatment
Soothing care and
post-op instructions

The unique characteristics
of Onlif Universe

Skin elasticity,
wrinkle reduction
A safe procedure utilizing
the thermal coagulation
point of FDA-approved
ultrasound lifting
Special 1
Application of the
latest HIFU technology
Stimulation of collagen
and elastin regeneration
using high-intensity
ultrasound energy
Special 2
Minimal pain,
amazing effect
Raise the outer layer
of the skin and tighten
the inner skin to enhance
elasticity with relatively
low pain
Special 3
Onlif Shurink Universe

Before & After

2 weeks post-op

Q & A
Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the procedure hurt?
Patented cooling technology ensures a comfortable and safe procedure.
The level of pain experienced may vary by individual.
Q. Can I go about my daily routine after the procedure?
You can wash your face and apply light makeup immediately after the procedure.
For those looking for quick results in a short period of time.
Q. How many sessions do I need to undergo?
While individual results vary, we recommend 2-3 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.
It is recommended to consult a doctor as there may be variations based on individual skin types.


We constantly strive for the best understanding of beauty.





Researchers who understand lifting process best

For face lifts, a smooth treatment is possible only when the properties

of the patient's muscles, fat, skin condition, and bone structure are identified

based on an accurate understanding of the face.

With Onlif’s unique knowledge of current trends,

we provide more beautiful and satisfying results.



Safety principle


Thorough preparation and safety principles

All products used at Onlif are authentic and have been proven to be safe.

After identifying the individual's condition, we carry out the appropriate procedure,

using the full, pre-determined dosage.

For thorough hygiene management, the operating room is separated

from external environments, and Onlif aims for aseptic surgeries

through sterilization and EO gas disinfection.



Honesty and trust


Medical philosophy based on honesty and trust

We will be a lifelong primary care physician

who cares for you like a close counselor.

We will always work hard and strive to stay humble and trustworthy.

Lifelong Youth Care System

baby face care system

  • Cause

    As the type of wrinkles
    varies by age and area,
    the exact cause must be identified.

  • Plan

    We present a highly effective plan
    that treats wrinkles through step-by-step,
    customized examinations.

  • Focus

    By focusing on follow-up care together
    with our medical staff, you can
    expect highly effective results.

  • Care

    We will provide regular
    postoperative care for a lifetime
    with our Youth Care System.

Unique Specialized System

specialized system

  • Postoperative Nutrient Care

    Improve satisfaction
    by reducing post-operative pain,
    swelling, and increasing
    skin elasticity.

  • Latest Premium Equipment

    Customized care treatments
    using premium equipment
    suitable for each skin type
    and condition.

  • Key Doctor from Burn Center

    Outstanding skills and know-how in
    scar prevention and management,
    based on clinical experience
    in burn wards.

  • Emergency ResponseSystem

    Emergency response
    safety training is provided
    to all staff and emergency equipment
    is readily available.

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Any unauthorized use without permission will be punishable by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 20 million won under Article 40 of the Content Industry Promotion Act, in addition to civil liability for damages.

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